The artist Lenka Clayton has created an amazing opportunity for mothers who are artists. It’s an open source residency called Artist Residency in Motherhood. Mine begins to today and goes through October 10, 2017. I have ambitious plans for my work. I must complete my translation of Clarice Lispector’s novel THE CHANDELIER for New Directions. I am working on a first draft of my literary memoir IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD: Traveling with Elizabeth Bishop, Clarice Lispector, and Raúl Zurita. I am also working on a one-woman show called I WANNA BE ROBERT DE NIRO, which I will perform under my stage name Magdalena Emar. One of the things I am most interested in exploring as I do all of this work is how we must all mother ourselves; we must all — girls, boys, men, women, trans, queer, non-gender identifying, humanoid, sentient creatures — become the child we would most like to parent. In this regard we are all mothers. Though I do recognize that I am the specific mother of three specific children I grew inside my body and gave birth to on this earth, I also know very deeply that mothering as we understand it is neither merely nor exclusively biological. More on all of this soon. For now, back to work. #artistresidencyinmotherhood


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