CONTACT by SOMA 2020 on February 28 & 29

SOMA 2020, photo by Tiffany Gilbert

CONTACT is a performance about bodies coming together and becoming undone through sound, movement, touch, and play. 

In CONTACT bodies encounter other bodies, whether human-animal or material, whether fabric or image or nature’s detritus. 

CONTACT occurs through the unexpected, which brings risk and joy. 

CONTACT is about being present and about using bodies as a vehicle to articulate the unique environment of the moment. 

Through CONTACT,  we — SOMA 2020, aka Magdalena Edwards & Sohani Holland & our special guests — invite stillness and presence and the unknown. 

CONTACT happens before the eyes of our audience and performers, a shared experience of consciousness through layers of containment, contrast, conflict, and connection.

CONTACT will take place on February 28th and February 29th at 8.30pm at HIGHWAYS PERFORMANCE SPACE in Santa Monica. Tickets available for 2/28 here and for 2/29 here. Join us!

Magdalena Edwards is a writer, actor, and translator obsessed with hybridity, border-crossings, and the creative process in all its public intimacies. Sohani Holland is a Los Angeles-based artist and creative director who uses performance and textiles as mediums for documenting and storytelling. Magdalena & Sohani are SOMA 2020. More at @sohanidesigns and @msmagda8lena

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